5 – 19 March 2017


Pilgrimage India 2016


NAMASTE and a warm welcome to Rishikesh!

The heart of spiritual India…or as the locals call it ”Devbhoomi” – Land of the Gods.

The Spirit of India Yoga retreat & Pilgrimage is for you the yoga student, the yoga teacher or simply you who is fascinated by India, the birthplace of Yoga.

In these two weeks we will surrender into the heart of Yoga and fill ourselves with warm sunshine, healthy food, deep yoga practice, pranayama, meditation, mantras and ayurvedic treatments. We will experience life in an ashram and visit amazing sacred spots empowered and blessed by the ancient Rishis through their deep penance and practice.
Halfway into our stay we will move further up from Rishikesh, following the sacred river Ganga, where we will continue deepening our journey. (Detailed schedule below)

Pilgrimage India 2016



There will be plenty of time for rest and other activities if you wish to explore the surroundings (trekking, rafting etc), coming even closer to the fascinating nature of northern India.

We are looking forward to making this retreat a journey of transformation into the depths of our own hearts and consciousness. And we look forward to having you with us in body, mind and spirit!


Retreat fee: 15.900 SEK (air fare and transport to and from airport not included)
Early Bird Price: SEK 14.900 (before 01.11.2016)

Last date for registration Feb 1st 2017
Registration fee € 500 (does not apply for Early Bird)

Bankgiro 542-1581

Cancellations & Refunds:

In case you should cancel your reservation, the following cancellation charges apply:

Days prior to start date                                      Cancellation Fee

31-45 days                                                              50% of trip price
16-30 days                                                              75% of trip price
0-15 days                                                               100% of trip price

The registration fee of € 500 is not refundable.

For questions and registration tina@gaiatree.se

0046 -73-7788677

Pilgrimage India 2016

Phool Chatti Ashram


Feedback från Anna som åkte med oss i år:

Indienresan var magisk och den överträffade alla mina förväntningar! Det var inte bara norra Indiens storslagna natur, Himalayas mäktighet och Ganges energikälla forsar som jag tänker på, det var också en, för mig, viktig och betydelsefull inre resa. Jag längtade efter att få komma närmare mig själv, att utveckla en djupare kärlek och förståelse. Guiderna och lärarna Tina och Satyadev skapade möjligheten och tryggheten för att göra den inre resan – de visade fantastisk hängivenhet, närvaro och kärleksfullhet!

Anna Carlsson

Pilgrimage India 2016

Blessings from Babaji

SCHEDULE 2017 – day by day  (excursions volontary and not included in the price)

5th March Delhi-Rishkesh  (flyg ca 250-300 SEK)

6-7th March – Rishikesh settling into hotel, sightseeing, yoga/meditation

7th March–  Phool Chatti Ashram  Tour of the Ashram, introduction

8th March – excursion to temple

9-15th March

Ashram routine: As we settle into ashram life, we start our mornings with a gentle asana practice, followed by pranayama and meditation. After breakfast we assemble to deepen our understanding of yoga philosophy and the basic tenets of Indian spiritual science. Our days will be interspersed with meetings with some wonderful teachers including Swamijis from the ashram and Surinder Singh, one of the most respected and loved Yoga teachers in the world today. Surinder’s way of teaching is gentle and loving while being firmly rooted in a strong foundation of Hatha Yoga.

During our daily explorations by the banks of the sacred Ganga, we will explore the temples in the area. Most of these temples are built on strong transcendental planes of spiritual vibration and they carry with them endearing tales from the Puranas and the Vedas… insights that will deepen our understanding of grassroot  India.

No stay in an ashram is complete without the daily Pujas (ritual worship and singing Bhajans). The ancient language of Sanskrit is also called shruti (sound revelation) as it said to have been revealed to the ancient rishis and seers in the deepest of meditations. Sanskrit holds the power to unlock blockages at a cellular level through powerful and universal vibrations. A few rudimentary lessons in Sanskrit can go a long way in helping us understand and pronounce mantras during our singing circles.

We will also have access to some wonderful Ayurvedic treatments. You are welcome to go for private consultations with Ayurvedic doctors to get a clear reading of your Prakriti and guidance on personalized diet and medicine if required. Ayurveda translate as the science of long life, and it truly is so.

And of course, Karma Yoga or sevam. Sevam simply translates as selfless service, one of the pillars of Indian spiritual tradition along with Danam – selfless giving. While Karma Yoga is a way of life and not something limited to a few days in an ashram, the ashram is a good place to start. We will be assigned small jobs for an hour a day in service of the ashram and numerous people the ashram hosts over time. This attitude of selfless service humbles us, like the apple tree that bends over because it is abundant with apples.


Pilgrimage India 2016


We will move up north with the sacred Ganga on our right and settle down in a campsite. We will live in comfortable tents with real beds  and real food!

The sandy white beaches and the emerald waters of the Ganga in the pleasant  temperatures are a treat for all our senses. Daily yoga, meditations, nature walks and songs/mantras by the sacred fire will be our life during those days.

We’ll be back in Rishikesh  in the morning and check into a hotel. This would be a good day to do some last minute shopping or visits locally. During the afternoon there might be time for a trip to nearby Haridwar (the doorway to the land of the gods). Haridwar is a pilgrimage centre for millions of Indians during the famous Kumbha Mela and a dip in the river in Haridwar is considered very very auspicious. Haridwar is also host to a beautiful evening arti (worship with fire lamps) and the sight of thousands of small lamps on leaf boats sailing down the Ganga is something that stays forever imprinted in the heart.

We will come back to Rishhikesh for our farewell dinner and a good night’s rest.

This is our last and final day in the Spirit of India pilgrimage and retreat. After our morning meditation, we will gather in a sharing circle to share and reflect on our individual journeys. After which we say our goodbyes and officially close the journey.

Subject to changes

More pictures below…

Pilgrimage India 2016

Sunset over Rishikesh (seen from Babaji’s cave)

Feedback från resenärer 2015:


Pilgrimage India 2016

Morning Yoga

”Resan till Rishikesh blev så mycket mer och bättre än jag kunnat föreställa mig. Jag trivdes så bra i vår  lilla ”familj” där vi stöttade varandra genom ett stort äventyr. Vi fick möta Indiens kultur och människor, vacker natur kring Gangas berg och dalgångar, leva ashramliv och möta oss själva i meditationen. Våra fantastiska ledare fanns där hela tiden som stöd och hjälp både i vår yttre och inre resa. Allting ackompanjerat av Satyas vackra musik.”  Kristin, Västervik






Pilgrimage India 2016

Breakfast view from the ashram

”One of the most beautiful trips I have done.

Så fort jag hörde talas om den här resan till Indien så kände jag att där skulle jag åka med.
Med Tina och Satya som reseledare kan det bara bli bäst!
Kontrasten att bo på ashram och camp var härlig och dessutom vid floden Mother Ganga. Kan fortfarande höra bruset av hennes kärlek. Jag är tacksam över allt jag fick uppleva, rundturer med allt från shopping i Rishikesh till att besöka en sadhu i bergen var underbart. En del av mitt hjärta är kvar och det kändes som ”hemma”.
Love India”    Jeanette, Tibro




Pilgrimage India 2016

On the way to the cave of Babaji


Pilgrimage India 2016

Relaxing in the camp


Pilgrimage India 2016

Philosophy lesson on the beach


Pilgrimage India 2016

Gathering in the welcoming shade

Pilgrimage India 2016

Pilgrimage India 2016

Morning meditation

Pilgrimage 2016

Leaving the camp